Prayer Point

In Iran 31 year old Christian convert Hamed Ashouri was arrested for 'propaganda ... contrary to ... Islam', spent 10 days in solitary confinement, was beaten, re-educated with an Imam and began a ten month sentence on 27 July. He said, “I thank God for considering me worthy of enduring this persecution because of Him.”

In June three other Iranian Christian men received five year sentences and heavy fines for 'propaganda ... contrary to ... Islam'. Amin Khaki, Milad Goud-arzi and Alireza Nour-moham-madi  are appealing the sentences and fines.

Lord God, we pray for Amin Khaki, Milad Goud-arzi and Alireza Nour-moham-madi. Encourage them and their families, giving them peace that passes understanding.  We pray their sentences will be overturned. We ask you will strengthen and encourage Hamed Ashouri in prison.  Use him to reach other prisoners with Jesus’ love. Please protect Christians in Iran from raids and surveillance. Give them your Holy Spirit, Father. Soften the hearts of local and national authorities in Iran towards Christians. Amen


In India some Hindus have witnessed healing in Jesus’ name and turned to Christ. However, Hindu extremists have vowed to quickly wipe out Christians and other minorities from India by extreme violence. The theology known as Hindutra holds that to be Indian means to be Hindu.

Convert to Christianity Preetha (an alias name) and her daughter were attacked with weapons while praying in a Christian friend’s house. Preetha came-to bloody and in hospital but was refused treatment through being a Christian. A pastor got her transferred to another hospital and helped get Open Doors charity to fund her treatment.

Lord, we pray Preetha and other Indian Christians attacked for their faith in Jesus will fully recover and have justice. We pray Indian Christians will stand strong and remain joyful facing pandemic and persecution.  Help Open Doors partners be equipped to reach those most in need. Amen

In North Korea Tightened borders to keep out Covid mean virtually no-one is currently able to escape the regime.  According to the Ministry of Unification in South Korea there have only been two escapes in the last few months.  

However, it is estimated there are several hundred North Korean escapees in detention centres in China.  In July fifty were sent back to North Korea where they will be interrogated and asked about going to church or praying while in China.  They will be sent to political prison camps and endure a terrible fate.

Father, we pray captured escapees will know your peace, presence and love. We ask that the Chinese authorities will heed calls to deport captives to South Korea instead where they can become that country’s citizens. Please fill the hearts of the North Korean authorities with compassion and love which will lead to repentance. Please provide for the needs of North Koreans trying to survive lockdown, especially secret believers. Amen.


In China the estimated number of Christians is 150 million and growing rapidly. The Chinese communist party (CCP) is clamping down.  Many House churches have been closed and some leaders arrested and imprisoned.  Regulations brought in last year say churches must submit to the leadership of the CCP and spread its socialist policies. The government have fitted surveillance cameras with face recognition technology in at least fifty churches.  Portraits of President Xi Jin Ping replace biblical paintings and crosses are removed.  Welfare is linked to “trustworthiness” and “social responsibility” so many young people and those receiving welfare payments are afraid to go to church. 

God, we pray for courage and resilience for our brothers and sisters in China.  Thank you for those daily being added to their number.  Enable them to stand firm, and may the authorities see them as a force for good.  Amen


We pray for Afghanistan in the throes of civil war.  Have mercy on those caught up in the violence and those under siege by the Taliban in Kandahar and Lashkar Gah.  Please give wisdom to Western forces as they seek to prevent the Taliban advance.  Give the UK government compassion about Afghani journalists, translators and workers who helped western forces to be granted asylum.

Please help those who are tackling wild-fires in Greece and other countries.  Be with those who fled their accommodation and help those who have lost homes and possessions to the flames. May governments receive sound advice in managing fire risk.


We pray for countries where covid cases are still high or rising: the US, Indonesia, Japan. Please help them to contain the virus and care for those needing treatment.  


Please give wisdom to Boris Johnson our government as they continue to deal with the pandemic.  Let them make decisions which prevent the virus spreading.  Comfort those who have lost loved ones to this disease and care homes where staff and residents feel neglected and vulnerable.