Prayer Point

August 2018 prayer point: Rwanda and Sudan

Governments in these countries are interfering with churches in order to close them down.

Rwanda: Population 12 million, Officially a Christian country.  As part of government policy of secularisation churches are being ordered to upgrade their buildings, e.g. put a new roof on, relocate the toilets and build a new wall within impossible time frames, e.g. 15 days.   World Watch, Open Doors and other sources report 8,000 churches have been closed down under this process, 6 pastors arrested for resisting the orders and congregations forbidden from meeting after their church has been closed.  Pentecostal churches seem the main target. Please pray that churches will attempt to meet the government redevelopment orders, that Christians will have wisdom in how to engage the government over these requirements and that they will still live as Christians under these strictures.

Sudan: Population 40 million, 97% Muslim. Listed as the 4th hardest to live as a Christian. The government have been trying to transfer ownership from independent churches, such as the Sudan Church of Christ (SCOC), to government-controlled groups. SCOC leaders refusing to hand over their buildings have been arrested on trumped up charges such as “noise pollution” because they were judged to be praying too loudly. As for Rwanda, please pray Christians will have wisdom in dealing with the government and God will give them grace to live out their Christian testimony.